Why We Train

Professional sports officials, like those officiating the NFL or NBA, for example, get feedback on their performance after every game. They prepare and train even during the off-season. That’s what makes them the best, and helps them execute the rules instantaneously with a high degree of success on a consistent basis.


H&S Protection takes a similar approach with our training. We provide outside courses for our employees. We send them to CEU (Continuing Education) classes so they can learn the newest installation techniques, equipment and standards. We like to see our employees continuously updated and refreshed so they deliver the best service to our customers.

Recently we sent Dave Kwasinski and Dave Simon, two of our newer employees, to a CEU class put on by the Electronic Security Association (ESA), the national association supporting our industry. ESA takes best practices and puts them together to ensure superior training is available for those entering the electronic security industry. Dave and Dave are not technicians. They work in business development. But it’s still important to us that they be informed and knowledgeable on the systems they sell. That makes them better able to explain services to our customers and answer customer questions, so we put together the types of security packages that best meet our customers’ needs. We deliver.


The vendors who sell to us also put together training sessions for our staff so that we understand the important features of new technology and what it means to the different types of clients we serve. That keeps us on our toes.


Our people aren’t referees in front of huge television audiences, but they are well-trained professionals in front a hugely important audience – customers with needs to protect their homes, businesses and assets. For H&S employees to be the best, we keep the high level training coming. You can count on us for that.

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Ensure Your Connectivity

Ensure data connectivity so your security system delivers its signal quickly and effectively. Every security system sends an electronic signal when the system is triggered. Whether you have a wired or wireless system, that message must get routed through the electronic network to ensure the monitoring center immediately finds out there is an issue in your home or business.


If you have recently switched your home or Internet provider, there could be a loss of that connectivity. Alarm and video surveillance systems use supportive services to ensure effective connections. Computer networks, WiFi, land telephone lines, Internet and cell phones are all used for alarm monitoring, interactive/smart home services and video monitoring.


BEFORE you make any changes to your Internet, phone, network or related service or providers, contact H&S Protection. We will work closely with you to determine if any changes you are considering may affect your service.


Please check with us before you make any of these changes. They may cause unintended data transmission problems. No one wants that. And, even an unintended malfunction may require a service call. Prevent that, and call H&S Protection first. We’re here to help and head off issues before they become problems.

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Vet and Animal Hospital Protection

If you are a veterinarian or work at an animal hospital, you face unique security challenges. First, there are the animals themselves. If something unforeseen happens to an animal in your care, it is always good to have video coverage for insurance backup. That means having security cameras installed strategically throughout your facility.


040129-N-8937A-023 U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan (Jan. 29, 2004) – Army Capt. Sandi Parriott conducts a routine spaying procedure on a DOD family housecat. Capt. Parriott is assigned to the Japan District Veterinarian Command, Sasebo, Japan. U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 3rd Class Ian W. Anderson. (RELEASED)

That video footage not only protects you in case one of the animals is hurt, but also helps identify if another animal (or employee) mistreated the pet. The huge majority of people who work for vets or animal hospitals care deeply about the pets. But that’s not 100 percent of the employees. And it only takes one angry, disgruntled or emotionally tight individual to do some harm to your business and reputation.


A second unique need for vets and animal hospitals to consider is to protect pharmaceuticals on-site. Sadly, drug addicts seek out weakened security buildings, and a vet business or animal hospital can be perceived that way. Drugs used to treat animals are targets for both human use and resale by addicts. Access control, video, intercom systems, motion sensors, window breaks and video doorbells are all options useful to protect these facilities from forced entry.


Finally, don’t forget about your employees and your parking lot. There are many crimes of opportunity that occur when we happen to look away. Even if you live or work in a “safe” neighborhood, it doesn’t mean temptation won’t occasionally strike a passer-by to punch in a window to grab a purse or reach in an open car window to lift a smart phone. Protecting your parking lot with video coverage is a good idea. Not only does it give peace-of-mind to your customers and employees, but it also provides you video footage if something happens to an animal in your parking lot and you need to access it later.


At H&S, we service many businesses, and pride ourselves on coverage for these types of facilities. Give us a call and let us know what concerns you have when it comes to security protection. We’re here to listen, so we can design, install and monitor what works best for you.

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Don’t Buy Cheap

Everyone wants to get a good deal when they make a purchase. You look at options, compare prices, service, products, and if all things are equal, you go with the lower price. All things are not created equal though.

This came home to us recently. We worked closely with a customer on a fairly involved security project. We outlined what we could do, along with the technology we’d deploy. It was not a simple system we planned to install and we chose equipment that we knew was high quality and got the job done right.


We lost the bid. The customer went with a significantly lower-priced security provider, thinking he would get a great deal. He found out that wasn’t the case.


After installation began, we received a call from the prospective client. He was unhappy. The security company he’d hired was not doing the job he wanted. The installation and equipment weren’t up to snuff. He wanted to bring us in to clean up the mess.


We’re back working with this customer, doing our best to get the project online and to his specifications. We’re not saying H&S Protection is the best company you’re ever going to find in the security business. What we hope you take from this story is to research the security company you hire. Ask around. See what they’ve done for other clients. Less expensive is seldom the BEST choice. There are many variables to consider when choosing a security company for your business or home.


H&S works extremely hard at listening and helping you figure out what the best options are to protect your assets, employees, family, home or business. Give us a call.

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When Crime Happens Elsewhere

The tendency of most people is to breathe a bit more easily when they read on the Internet or watch the television news and see a crime event not near where they live. It’s human nature to think you are more protected when something bad occurs miles away. At H&S Protection, we understand that feeling. But we urge you to consider a few other points to ensure your business or home is most effectively protected.


Recently, in a very small section of the Milwaukee metro area that we service, there was wanton destruction of several businesses. If you lived close to that area, your natural inclination was most likely fear for your home or business. If you’ve been in a similar situation, you may have taken steps to further secure your possessions.


During this recent bout, we received information that during the hub bub, several attempted break-ins occurred elsewhere in the city. Informed burglars use this tactic. When the police are occupied with a visible situation that takes extra manpower, that leaves other areas of the city vulnerable.


Our point in all this is to encourage you to remain vigilant about your safety and security if an area serviced by your police requires an extra expenditure of resources. That could mean the bad guys are looking for other vulnerabilities.

If you run a business, check your alarm. Make sure your cameras operate effectively. Talk to your employees about taking extra precautions.

If you’re a homeowner, communicate with your neighbors. Lock your doors. Turn on extra lights. Make sure your alarm system is armed and operating.
The best defense is preparation.  H&S urges you to stay informed and aware.

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Dave Simon Joins H&S in Pewaukee Office

We’re pleased to announce Dave Simon has joined our H&S Protection team August 8. Dave will work out of our Pewaukee Office, servicing customers in Southeast Wisconsin as Director of Business Development.

We’ve known Dave for 12 years through his work in multiple roles in the security industry, first as an industry expert for Brink’s Home Security, working on national alarm management issues. He also spent time developing his own business, offering social media, marketing and communications services to clients in our industry.

Dave head shot 2016

Most recently, for the past year, we’ve gotten to know Dave even better through his work for H&S on our blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts. His role there was to build greater visibility for H&S and develop leads with potential customers. This summer we were able to structure a role to utilize Dave’s talents and help us grow our business.

We look forward to having Dave on board. If you know him, please drop him a line on his H&S position. We’re confident Dave will help us continue to build our customer base and branch out in new directions. H&S is dedicated to the best interests of our customers and we continually look for additional ways to give them the best and most innovative security services they seek. We’re proud to have Dave on board to help in this effort.

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Is a Security Camera Right for You?

There are very specific reasons you may want to consider a security camera for your home. If you travel a lot, it is an excellent way to check up on your property. If you have small children, the technology allows you to check up on them. When you are on vacation, you can make sure the lights are on when you want them to be.

If you run a business, there are even more reasons to consider video. Beyond protection, video can help you check to make sure customers are being served promptly and courteously. You can see that your business opens and closes at the right times. If you happen to have a problem with employee theft, you can target cameras to trouble spots and find out what the issue is.

hs video

Industry experts project nearly 20% of households with broadband internet service plan to install a networked security camera system in the next twelve months. As the technology evolved the past few years, it has become less expensive, easier to use and provides higher resolution.

Because of this evolution, H&S Protection finds our customers use networked systems for a variety of reasons. For example, you might want to receive a text message and view live video on your smart phone when your children or spouse arrive safely at home.

We find our customers looking at other uses as well:

  • With motion-sensing technology, you can detect movement, receive alerts, and record video when a delivery arrives at your home, a vehicle enters your driveway, or children access prohibited areas of the home (a liquor cabinet, gun cabinet, etc.).
  • In the dark of night, video clearly records intruders outside your home or storage buildings.
  • You can keep an eye on your home while away on vacation or business with remote viewing features.

If you follow H&S on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll find that we introduce you to weekly videos that capture criminal activities. Sometimes we insert a bit of humor. Other times you’ll get tips on how to help an elderly parent, for example. Regardless of the specific topic, you’ll find some extra rationale for exploring a video security system for your home or business, so please follow us on social media to stay on top of these trends.

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Adding Remote Interactive Features to Your Existing System

As the world changes, H&S adapts to those changes to ensure our customers continue to receive the products and services they seek. In today’s world, “mobility” is the word that fits many customers seeking our services.

People want to know their home is safe when they are at work. They would like to be able to check that lights are on in designated rooms while on vacation. Business owners may want to check on a delivery that occurs when they must be offsite meeting with a client. That mobility demands products and services that can adjust to those demands. H&S Protection offers many new services to help our on-the-go customers.

remote interactive

In partnership with Alarm.com, we help give you comfort knowing your child or spouse arrived home safely when you are traveling. You can check on your system remotely to ensure it is armed.  If not, you can arm it remotely. Turn on lights, change your thermostat through several easy taps on your smart phone. Some specific offerings include:

  • 100% Wireless, secure signaling (no phone line, internet or keypad required)
  • Web-based remote system monitoring and control
  • Real time texts and email alerts for any event, not just alarms

H&S Protection is not just about your home or business security. We’re about your changing needs in a mobile world. Call our Stevens Point (715.344.0727) or Pewaukee Office (262.574.7777) to find out what more we offer. You might be surprised at the new options.

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Cut the Cord on Your Landline

Customers across the United States are cutting the cord to their landlines. Convenience and cost come into this decision for many when deciding whether to solely utilize their smart phone for communications or whether to retain a traditional wire line. Because wireless continues to grow, and make inroads into the electronic security market, H&S Protection System offers this option to our customers. Before buying, consider a few issues.


First, you may be able to save money by installing a cell communicator for your alarm system.  Nearly one-half of all homes in the nation have abandoned their landlines. At the same time, many homes and businesses continue maintaining a landline SOLELY for their alarm system. This is an issue to think about and discuss with your H&S representative. What makes the most sense for you?

HS cut the cord

Second, through your smart phone and current communications provider, you may be able to upgrade to enable alarm reporting and interactive arming of your security system using your smart phone. Those are nice conveniences, and may be a smart option for you and your lifestyle.


H&S monthly monitoring fees for cellular can be as low as $34/month and allow you to ditch your landline while saving money in the process. We want our customers to make a wise decision. Research your options. Give us a call at our Stevens Point office, 715.344.0727, or Pewaukee, 262.574.7777, to speak with one of our representatives.


We’d love to hear from you, and discuss how we can help with your decision-making process. H&S is here to provide extra knowledge for your best-informed decision.

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Sensitive Areas Within Office Buildings — Part II

(Editor’s note: This is Part II and our concluding blog from H&S Protection’s Jeff Lukasavige. If you’d like to contribute a guest blog, please contact Mike Horgan at mhorgan@hsprotection.net.)

In our last blog, I addressed access control issues for office buildings. This week, I want to drill down into specific areas within an office environment and discuss those unique security needs.

Human Resource Departments often handle sensitive and personal employee information that must be protected. Documents with employees’ information may be lying on desks in view of others walking through the area, where someone could use a smart phone to snap quick photos to steal sensitive information. To prevent that, businesses should consider the need for special access to HR departments. Not all companies require this, but if the need for privacy, discretion and/or sensitive conversations is a concern, you might want to consider restricting access to the department with effective access control.


The executive suite is another area where you may need to pay particular attention. Disgruntled employees or even customers could find their way to this area. Work interruptions may also be a consideration. While many companies have open door policies, if you are in an industry involved in controversial issues, restricted access to the executive suite may be necessary.

Similarly, the mailroom is an area you should look at closely. Depending of the size of your company, you could be getting thousands of pieces of mail a day, including personal information, account numbers, social security numbers and birth dates or other protected information. Don’t place your company at risk for customers’ identity theft. Unauthorized individuals or employees could steal personal information and use it to hack your company’s accounts, employees’ personal information, or steal a customer’s identity. Lock it down and control access – that protects your information.

Good access control requires you to consider who should be onsite and when. You should also look at who (employees, contractors, customers) should be in specific areas inside your building, and the time of day that they should be granted access.

Think of access control for your office building as employee, customer and company protection. Taking measures to provide additional protection demonstrates your company’s genuine concern for its employees. The security/access control measures you implement could prevent a difficult situation from occurring.

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