Foxconn and H&S Protection

If you live, work or play in southeast Wisconsin, you know about Foxconn. The entire Racine-Kenosha-Sturtevant-Pleasant Prairie-Mt. Pleasant area is currently being disrupted in multiple ways as construction amps up. It’s not just the site under construction. It’s roads. It’s piping being laid to Lake Michigan for water. It’s on-ramps to the interstate.

We know because we serve the area. The project to build the facility will take years. That means a lot of change – earth being moved, roads being paved, traffic redirected, houses and businesses being built.

As a small business serving both southeast and central Wisconsin, H&S stands prepared to help new and existing businesses and homes with security services that meet 21st century standards.


If you have a business in southeast Wisconsin, or you’re a home or commercial builder, we’re here to address your security needs.  H&S Protection serves businesses of many different sizes and product lines. When new restaurants, schools, supermarkets or movie theaters are built in the years ahead as a result of growth in that corridor of Wisconsin, we will be ready with the products and services to help protect them.


H&S Protection has grown since its inception in 1959. Any business must adapt to changing circumstances to thrive. Foxconn is changing the landscape of southeast Wisconsin. That means adjustment and opportunity for many people and businesses. We truly hope to see our state benefit from the influx of the facility and stand prepared to do our part in providing the type of ongoing service that makes Wisconsinites proud.

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Jeans and Cowboy Boots Lead to Career at H&S

Dennis McNamara walked into Ed Horgan’s office over 30 years ago. Ed owned and operated Horgan Sales and Service out of Stevens Point, WI, at the time (Horgan Sales and Service merged with Sentra Protective Systems to form H&S Protection in 2007). Dennis was looking for a job. Ed hired him even though he wore jeans and cowboy boots. He’s been with H&S ever since.

Before contributing to H&S, Dennis was an operations manager in the solar manufacturing industry. “President Reagan pulled all the tax rebates for the solar industry and we all closed our doors,” McNamara remembers.


That change was to H&S’s benefit, as Dennis’s skills have led to his long career generating new sales and existing account management and cultivation. “We are a bunch of honest, hard working Americans trying to do a good job, which is why I have chosen to stay here for so long,” he said.

McNamara is an avid, non-traditional trout fisherman who “never sets a foot in the creek. I’m very successful with my tactics.” He also enjoys deer and small game hunting, motorcycling and sharing joys with his wife showing Champion and Grand Champion Great Dane dogs all over the country. “In 2016, a male Great Dane from our breeding program was Best of Breed at the prestigious Westminster Dog show,” he said with pride.

Dennis is married to his wife of 35 years – Carolyn (Soik) McNamara, and they have four grown adult children who “are all high achievers. Two of them are in the military,” he said.

Would he recommend H&S? Absolutely! “We are a family friendly company who takes care of their customers in a fair and respectful way,” he said. Dennis can be reached on his cell phone at 715-340-0556 or by email at

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Slamka Brings Craftsmanship to H&S

Greg Slamka brings craftsmanship to H&S Protection. Though he serves as a technician at H&S and provides technical support to customers, Slamka’s appreciation for good craft work extends to buildings, photographs, cars and gun collecting. “I’ve developed an interest in gun collecting and appreciate the history of vintage guns and the craftsmanship and technology of vintage guns,” he explained. His father is also into gun collecting and it’s a hobby that the two share together.


Greg joined H&S 24 years ago after hearing about a position through the newspaper. Previously he had worked at a historic paper mill (founded as Nekoosa Edwards Paper Co.) in Port Edwards, WI, Joerns Healthcare, a local Stevens Point company that was bought and shut down, and TRW in Torrance, CA, an aerospace government contractor.


When explaining to customers why they should choose H&S for their security needs, he tells them about the advantages of hiring a “small company that provides quality equipment and stands behind its work.”

slamka (4)

He enjoys his spare time, and stays busy with multiple activities — cars, researching history, walking and animals. “I’m a big animal lover. In high school I was a movie protectionist and I always enjoy film movies. Digital movies have no soul,” he observed. “I am an environmental steward.”


Greg has a brother and sister and a cat named Jack. He also makes a point to spend quality time with his parents who live locally near Greg.


If Greg can help you with any of your security needs, please reach out to him at our Stevens Point, WI office, through email at or phone at: 715 344-0727.Sl

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Wisconsin Fan Dan Revoy Joins H&S Protection

A fan of all Wisconsin sports teams, Dan Revoy joined H&S Protection in sales earlier this year. Working out of the Pewaukee, WI office, Revoy found out about H&S through observation – seeing our stickers on homes and businesses while he was out selling for his previous employer. “I wanted to learn more about the company and researched H&S online and was impressed the company had been in business since 1959,” he said.

At the time, he was working for a security company out of northern Illinois and his area was Southeast Wisconsin. “I was in the food and beverage industry for 15 years, selling bottled water and bottle-less coolers in southeast Wisconsin.”

dan revoy

Dan serves as a security consultant for H&S, calling on both large and small companies in southeast Wisconsin, including manufacturing facilities, school districts, restaurants, churches, auto repair, and other businesses.

He specializes in digital video surveillance, keyless entry, intrusion and fire protection, and intercom systems for commercial and residential applications. “I enjoy designing custom systems to meet the needs of each customer,” he observed.

Dan has been married to Patricia Revoy for 39 years and they have a daughter Holly, 33-years-old, married to her husband Jim, who owns Premier Products in Racine. Dan and Patricia’s son Ryan is 30-years-old, and a police officer, and is married to Ashly.

Dan enjoys all outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, kayaking, riding ATV’s, and playing bags. He sounds like he’s from Wisconsin. He enjoys watching and cheering on all Wisconsin sport teams. “I am a big and lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers, the Milwaukee Brewers and Wisconsin Badgers.  I enjoy going to church festivals, Summerfest, concerts and listening to music,” he said.

Please welcome Dan to the H&S team. If you like to reach him directly to get a quote for your home or business, please call him at 262-424-1271 or email at

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ANOTHER “Cool” Frontier

We’re entering another cool frontier here at H&S Protection. We’ve said over the past few years that we’re “no longer your father’s alarm company.” Instead, we’ve added products and services sought by businesses and homeowners that provide convenience and cost savings to our customers.

Now we’ve added more “cool” features., our partner on interactive and automation features, has helped us bring to the market the full spectrum of what many next generation customers want – a smarter home or business. That means multiple features you can manage through your smart phone.


Mike Horgan, our co-owner in Stevens Point, WI, recently had this system from installed at his home. He’s amazed at the convenience and cost savings. Here’s how he describes it:

“We installed the demo at our house so we can now remotely open and close the garage door or lock and unlock doors. It’s tied to your phone, so it’s very easy to use. Customers can control their lights or have a video doorbell installed. They’re all nice features to manage basic home automation. And it’s fun to play with!”

There are multiple conveniences provided by these new automated features. If you forget to lock the front door, you can check and lock it remotely. You can let contractors in if you’re not home. There’s an option to install video cameras, and you can use this make sure your kids get home on time, or whether they’re staying out too late. The system gives a thumbnail so you can see when the kids left or got home. “It’s a great parenting tool,” Mike observed.

The system has the potential to generate tremendous energy savings for customers over the long run. By automating the thermostat, you can set it to do such things as drop the temperature in your home or business after everyone has left (during the winter when you are heating) and you are a certain distance away, and then sense your return, and turn the heat back up as you get in close to home again.

Lights can be turned on and off remotely by the system. “You can almost pay for the system by the energy savings,” Mike explained.

“It’s cool to be able to check on your dog and cat and see whether the dog ate the cat yet,” he said, laughing. “It’s cool for parenting, energy savings, lighting. It’s just plain cool.”

The system is available to new and existing customers. It’s a total home or business automation package and “by the way, it’s an alarm system, too,” Mike added.

If you’re a current H&S customer, you can upgrade now. Contact us at our Pewaukee or Stevens Point office. We’ll be moving more heavily into the residential market with these new features. All from an easy-to-use app from

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A Heart to Help Others in H&S’s Nancy DeSandre

When Nancy DeSandre lost her job in 2013, she began looking for work in a new field.  She had extensive customer service experience from  past jobs in the restaurant field so that’s where she began her search.  “In April of 2013 I found an ad for H & S Protection Systems on the internet and applied.  The interview went well and I was offered the position of Customer Service and the rest is now history,” she smiled.


Prior to working for H & S, Nancy was in ministry for 11 years working with men and women who were transitioning from prison  back into the community. “My role was similar to that of a case worker.  Two years prior to  release we would begin the process of  education  and gaining job skills needed for employment outside prison.  I worked with many organizations in the communities of Waukesha and Milwaukee to aide these men and women with housing resources, clothing, food, employment and healthcare needs for when they returned to the community. Many of these organizations and churches are our customers today and I get to talk to some of the same people I worked with in my past position,” she said.

She was also instrumental in partnering with The Salvation Army of Wisconsin, Prison Fellowship and the Department of Corrections to begin the Prison Aftercare Network of Wisconsin (PAN) which is still in existence to aide in the transition for ex-offenders (called “returning citizens”) from prison back to the communities they live in after release. “We trained hundreds of volunteers to mentor these men and women upon release and trained churches how to work with sex offenders who wanted to attend church services” Nancy said.

For H&S, Nancy is the service coordinator out of the Pewaukee, WI office, and her main role is to work with customers who need service and schedule these service issues.  “It involves troubleshooting with customers over the phone to diagnose the issue for the service tech to repair.  I also order all parts for upcoming install jobs as well as stock and service repair parts.  I organize and file paperwork and work to add and organize information in our database to make it more efficient for sales and service.  My favorite part of my job is to train customers on use of their software and phone apps for their new alarm or access systems,” she added.

As a single woman, “who is available to meet someone” Nancy chuckles, “I have four children and two grandchildren.”

nancy 1

DeSandre is involved in many adventurous activities and hobbies.  “If it happens outside you will most likely find me.  I do stairclimbing and train on hills and stairs at the lakefront two days a week year round (yes at -18 wind chills).  I also love cycling — when the snow is gone I am gone.”


She recently completed her second year for the Great Cycle Challenge to raise money for children’s cancer.  “This year I rode 300 miles for the month of June. I added whitewater rafting, indoor rock climbing and now backpack camping in a hammock.  This winter I will learn how to survive winter camping. I love winter and why not take advantage of 12 months of camping instead of just 6?”


“I talk about H&S Protection to many people and carry a card so I can leave it when I am out.  I let them know that we are local and you will know your rep and your service tech  We pride ourselves on being fast and efficient.  And we guarantee  our work. Can you tell I like where I work?,” she laughed.

(Editor’s note: Nancy is behind the guy in green in the photo below.)

nancy 2

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H&S Sales Team Transitions as Two Employees Retire

Several weeks back, two of our longer tenured H&S employees retiredjim rick – Jim Kurtz and Rick Janowski. Both worked in sales out of our Pewaukee, WI office. We were sad to see them go. But everyone reaches a stage where there’s a time to take the next step in life.

We appreciate the great years of service they gave us and our clients in southeastern Wisconsin. Over the years, they built relationships that can’t be duplicated. We’re proud to have had them as part of our team.


Every business goes through certain ebbs and flows, and losing two experienced long-term employees is always a challenge. We knew the time would come for Jim and Rick to hang up their spikes, and we’ve prepared for an orderly transition through the course of this year and into next. Their accounts will be shifted over, and other members of our team will smoothly assume their duties. If you are a customer, we trust these account changes will be seamless for you.

jim rick steve

In Pewaukee, our sales staff includes Danny Greco, Dave Kwasinski and Dan Revoy. You may reach any of them at our 262.574.7777 number. Danny has been with us for10 years, and in addition to sales has also worked as a lead technician. He handles many bigger projects for us, and is a trusted advisor. Dave has been with us close to two years and has rapidly picked up the security business model. He is excellent at analyzing a project thoroughly and giving accurate quotes to our residential and commercial customers.  In addition to his regular duties, Dave has already assumed some leadership responsibilities with our newer sales staff members.

Dan started with us earlier this year but has been in the security industry for several years. Hailing from Kenosha, he knows southeast Wisconsin like the back of his hand, and with his experience in our industry, he too is highly capable of providing solutions to fit your security needs.


We will continue to grow and evolve our business model and our employees in the years ahead. It’s with mixed emotions that we watch Jim and Rick take that next stop in their lives — happy to see them reach retirement and sad for all the memories and good times that come to an end at some point. We will continue to build our business and people to serve all our customers in a way that would make them proud.

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H&S Completes Annual Road Pickup

Recently, H&S Protection completed our annual road pickup on a 2-mile stretch of Highway 66 between Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids. It’s an annual trek for many of us. There’s a lot of garbage out there, more than there should be, and it’s important for us to do something about it.

hs road 1

Our employees live in the area, but we had several come up to join us from our Pewaukee, WI office as well. We all want to make the areas in which we live a little better. This is one of our commitments as a company and through our employees to help. We’re not going to change the world in a day, but we’re going to do our part.

You can expect that from H&S on the job site as well. We hire people with a “can do” attitude.

hs road

Twelve staff members completed the highway cleanup June 5. Rain or shine, we’ll be out there again next year, picking up plastic bottles, bags, cans, old tires, wind-blown plastic bags and other items discarded by the side of the road. We’re doing our part to keep Wisconsin beautiful.


“It’s great to bring our people together from both offices, get outdoors and do some good for the local community. We’re to operate in the Stevens Point area, and do our part to make it a little better every day,” said H&S Co-owner Mike Horgan.

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Family Business the Way to Go for Kelly Ransbottom

Working in a family business is the way to go for Kelly Ransbottom. Before joining H&S Protection three years ago, she lived in Little Chute, WI and worked for a family-owned company for 13 years. She found H&S to be a good and dependable company to work for when she moved to the Stevens Point area looking for employment, after answering an ad through a temp service.

kelly 1

Kelly’s husband Steve had been commuting to Plover from Little Chute for over 8 months. With their children having moved out on their own, they decided to downsize and reduce Steve’s commute to 10 minutes. “Recently we built a new house and are happy homeowners again,” Kelly said.


If you need to find something at H&S’s Stevens Point office, Kelly is the person to reach. She handles customer service, answer phones and resolves issues. She works on collections, customer invoicing, processing and posting cash and credit receipts. And, she handles other miscellaneous tasks that come her way.


She has been married to Steve for 19 years, and they have four children – Preston, Molly, Allison and Charlotte, as well as three grandchildren – Aubree, Walker and Shelby. Kelly likes spending time with her family and grandchildren. “I enjoy quilting and gardening. Flowers are my weakness,” she observed with a smile.


“I also enjoy taking pictures of nature – butterflies, birds and flowers, as well as photos of the grandkids – if they sit still long enough,” she chuckled.


Kelly can reached at H&S’s Stevens Point office — 715.344.0727

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Guns and Ammo

Most retails stores that sell guns and ammunition have security – cameras AND alarm systems. Owners understand the value of that investment.


Last year, in our southeast Wisconsin service territory, we heard of two instances close together (in proximity and date) of break-ins and the theft of significant firearms. Despite security, the burglary still occurred.
While security systems – whether designed and installed by H&S Protection or another company – are not foolproof, they are deterrents AND they do help apprehend. In one of those two cases, video footage was used to quickly identify the criminal element.


So, yes, if you run a gun/ammunition storefront, you should have a security system in place. You should also make sure it is updated. These days, our video technology is enhanced from 3-4 year ago. You get higher resolution images with new cameras. Give us a call at either of our Wisconsin locations if you’d like one of our representatives to stop out and hear your concerns (Waukesha area – 262.574.7777; Stevens Point area – 715.344.0727). We’ll take a look and let you know what we think. If an upgrade or add-on makes sense, we’ll explain the details and why it would help you protect your site.


A year-and-a-half ago, we attended a gun and ammunition expo south of Milwaukee. We paid for a booth and met with many gun enthusiasts at the expo. Often when approached, their response was a smile and patting their hip, “I’ve got my protection right here.” We understand that perspective.
But it doesn’t help when you are away from the business. That’s why people hire H&S Protection. We’re your technology eyes and ears when you are away. You can’t “personally” protect your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But we can. We appreciate the opportunity to give you that additional protection for your premises.

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